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The Future of Supply Chain Leadership

The emerging expectations of a successful supply chain executive have grown to include leadership competencies in a number of critical areas. 


Transformation Leadership Skill #1 - Provide Perspective

 We have all been challenged in our careers with a situation that could only be resolved by providing a proper perspective of the issue before leading a team to define and execute actions to address it.  


Transformation Leadership Skill #2 - Influence Not Authority

 All supply chain transformation leaders will be challenged with a basic fact. No one executive has the direct authority to align the end-to-end supply chain.  


Transformation Leadership Skill #3 - Integrate Best Practices

An important responsibility of the Supply Chain Transformation Leader is to provide the organization with an approach to transformation.  


Transformation Leadership Skill #4 - Build Enterprise Intelligence

The purpose of Enterprise Intelligence is to support better decision-making by the executive leadership team. 


Transformation Leadership Skill #5 - Engage Organizations

Transformation Leaders are expected to successfully engage individuals and entire organizations in their efforts to deliver transformation and significant performance improvement.  


Transformation Leadership Skill #6 - High Performance Behaviors

 Transformation Leaders must be capable of driving the organization to exhibit high performance behaviors that evolve into a sustainable high performance culture. 


Transformation Leadership Skill #7 - Collaborative Event Facilitation

One of the most highly valued Transformation Leadership skills is the ability to successfully organize and facilitate large cross-functional collaborative teams to develop consensus and take action to deliver performance improvement. 


Transformation Leadership Skill #8 - Lead 90-Day High Impact Projects


One of the great challenges for a Transformation Leader is the execution of projects that deliver rapid and sustained performance improvement.