Transformation Leadership Skill 8-Lead 90-Day Projects

By Paul Bohr, Chief Transformation Architect


One of the great challenges for a Transformation Leader is the execution of projects that deliver rapid and sustained performance improvement. The successful execution of such projects requires the leadership skills to utilize to most effective best practices in project chartering, planning, methods, and change management.

The reality of executing projects in today’s organizations is this – If it is not implemented in 90-120 days, it won’t happen.  Changes in priorities, personnel, methodology, and leadership focus after a few months all combine to prevent projects from delivering desired results. The transformation leader must possess the skills to plan and execute the key elements of rapid 90-Day improvement projects:

· Project Charter Development

· Collaborative Executive Session – Project Charter Proposal and Approval Facilitation

· Collaborative Change Management Plan

· Collaborative Solution Design Session – Methodology Facilitation 

· Implementation Planning and Execution

Project Charter

Transformation Leaders can utilize a best practice one-page pictorial charter that incorporates all critical elements of an effective charter. 

o Focus of Improvement – Process or Structure

o Impact to Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Metrics

o Team Roles & Resourcing

o Manageable Scope

o Methodology Selection

o Business Case Definition

o Risk Definition and Management

o Go/No-Go Criteria

o 90-Day Project Schedule

Executive Session – Project Proposal and Approval

Build consensus on project priority and assign resources for the project. Build leadership team confidence in successful execution of the project by capturing lessons learned, defining change barriers, and selecting the appropriate methods for achieving desired outcomes.

Collaborative Change Management Plan

Identify stakeholders and define their issues that will cause resistance to change. Create a Case for Change, Stakeholder Transition Plan, Communications Plan, and conduct a Readiness Assessment.

Collaborative Solution Design Session – Methodology Facilitation

Select the right methodology and facilitate it’s execution to deliver the targeted performance improvement.

o Variation & Defect Reduction (Objective - Reliability, Customer Loyalty, Cost Reduction)

o Speed and Efficiency (Objective – Responsiveness, Agility, Cost Reduction)

o Innovation (Objective - Competitive Leadership, New Ideas, New Capabilities)

Implementation Planning and Execution

Develop stakeholder understanding and ownership of solutions for sustained performance improvement with an integrated best practices approach. 

o Change Management

o Project Management Techniques

o Lean Six Sigma, BPM, and Transformation Methods

o SCOR Metrics, Processes, Practices, and People Skills

The Transformation Leader must possess the skills to provide effective project leadership, collaborative events facilitation to successfully execute 90-Day High Impact Projects that deliver significant performance improvement.

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