The Future of Supply Chain Leadership

Executive Summary

Paul Bohr, Chief Transformation Architect

Emerging Expectations for Executives

The emerging expectations of a successful supply chain executive have grown to include leadership competencies in several critical areas:

· Supply Chain Transformation 

· Strategic Results

· Capabilities Development

· Collaborative Event Facilitation

· Cross-Functional Integration

· Governance of E2E Performance

· Enterprise Intelligence

· Accelerated Change Management

· Leveraging Best Practices

· High Performance Culture

· Customer/Supplier Collaboration

· Integrated Action Plan     

Each competency has strengths that a Supply Chain Executive can leverage individually or in concert to deliver significant and sustained performance improvement. Future Supply Chain Leaders are challenged to learn and effectively apply these critical competencies in the most complex of enterprises, the end-to-end supply chain. 

These critical leadership competencies have been selected specifically to support accelerated performance improvement and delivery of significant and transformational results. 

Prepare to Meet Emerging Expectations for Supply Chain Leadership