Collaborative Workshops


Innovative Approach

Our collaborative workshops are the most advanced form of accelerated transformation that integrates knowledge transfer, applied learning, and organizational change management. The objective of these workshops are to provide the occasion for the cross functional organizations to come together, understand new perspectives and concepts, successfully apply them to their situation, and develop optimized solutions that are owned and sustained.

Specific Deliverables

These are not just feel good sessions, but carefully architected events with specific deliverables that drive performance improvement and transformation.  There are over 15 individual workshops that organize the the transformation initiative into bite-size segments of 1-3 days each. 

Optimized Solutions

We can confidently deliver optimized solutions for each organization by the way we approach developing the capabilties of the internal team and have them design and implement the optimum solution. This approach is far different than the typical consulting approach that has the knowledge leave with the external consulting team. This approach also assures the internal ownership necessary to sustain the improvement.

Professionally Facilitated

These worshops are facilitated by Certified Transformaton Architects that are specially trained in applied learning, change management, and executive team facilitation techniques.

Customized Events

Although we have pre-formatted the workshops, the facilitating transformation architect must tailor the workshop to align with the objectives and situation in each organization. The architect conducts a readiness assessment with the sponsor prior to each session to assure success for each individual workshop.

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