Executive Playbook


Step-by-Step Approach to Transformation

The ExecQtion On-Line Executive Playbook provides the Transformation Architect and Project Teams with the tutorial and workbook tools software needed for successful transformation.  The playbook presents the complete transformtion journey in step-by-step modules that are easy to use, and are quickly adopted.

Easy to Use

The entire playbook is developed in the Office 360 Suite of Applications, and will be immediately familiar. Additionally the entire playbook has a Visible GPS bar that shows where you are, what you have done, and what comes next. No need learn new software and suffer the frustration of an illogical software structure.

Integrated Best Practices

The playbook integrates the most effective industry best practices into its step-by-step approach. These best practices include:



Lean Six Sigma

Demand Driven Enterprise

Customer & Supplier Collaboration

Governance of Performance

Tailored Supply Chains

End-to-End Supply Chain

Supply Chain Discipline

Risk Mitigation and Management

Project Portfolio Management

Project Planning and Execution

Collaborative Change Management

Flexible Methods to Fit Business

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Individual or Organizational License

The ExecQtion On-Line Playbook can be provided on a personalized USB drive for individual use, or a SharePoint version usable by the entire organization. The license and software are provided with a one-time fee for use.

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