Execute 90 Day Strategic Impact Projects


Strategic Impact and Manageable Scope

Its a fact that 70% of projects fail to deliver results anywhere close to their chartered objectives. The typical reasons for this failure are:

  1. Cant be linked to a priority outcome.
  2. Not a manageable scope.
  3. No Clear or Measurable Goals
  4. Not Staffed with Enough People with Enough Time.
  5. Wrong Methods Selected.
  6. No Understanding of Risk

We overcome these typical reasons for failure with an approach that engages the governacne team and project leaders in careful planning and resourcing of the projects to assure strategic impact and manageable scope and delivers the intended results. It is also a fact in todays organizations that if you cannot complete a project in 90 days, it will likely never get done. Priorities change, people get reassigned,  customers change, budgets shift, and other opportunities appear. A successful approach anticipates and will overcome them all. 

Integrated Best Practices

We integrate the Best Practices of SCOR, Lean Six Sigma, Governance of Performance, Project Management and Collabortive Change Management to consitently execute 90 day strategic impact projects. We will leverage all of your prior investment and existing talent in these best practices to accelerate the results.

Complete an Existing Stalled Project

Not everyone can begin transformation with a top down approach that features governance of performance and leadership team development. Sometimes it begins with execution of existing planned and authorized projects. We can resurrect and successfully complete stalled projects just as effectively as new projects. 

Develop and Execute a Project Portfolio

Many executives need to confidently deliver their year end scorecard goals and  find themselves in the situation of creating and executing a project portfolio in a very compressed time frame. We can engage your leadership team in developing and executing a project portfolio in a very accelerated time frame.