Establish a Supply Chain Governance Team


Governance of End-to-End Performance

The greatest challenge in establishing an effective governance team is the transitioning of the functional leaders from the siloed functional mentallity to the beyond the companies four walls perspective of opportunities in the end-to-end supply chain. Identifying and capturing opportunities in the end-to-end supply chain requires a change in leadership skills from traditional administrative based on formal authority to collaborative leadership driven by insight,  influence, and relationship building. A sustained governance capability must be built on a foundation of common perspective, common goals, aligned priorities, and real enterprise intelligence.

Implement and Mature in Less Than 120 Days

Some say it takes years to develop this kind of governance capability. We can do it in much less time because of our innovative workshop program that integrates the industries best practices with collabortive design activities to deliver an effective governance design that is understood, owned, and sustained by the team. The initial governance team charter, model design, and performance improvement plan are completed in a 3 day collaborative workshop. Maturity is achieved as a result of the recurring governance team meetings where the cause and effect of actions and results are fully understood and consistent followthrough on priorities and commitments are assured.

Design a Best Practice Governance Model

Designing an effective governance model is greatly accelerated by utilizing proven best practices. The challenge is in how best to integrate them into a simplified design that can be sustained. A best practice goverance model can greatly reduce the number of management meetings in your organizations by integrating traditionally separated decision making sessions into a comprehensive approach with everyone participating. 

Customized Approach

Each organization has their own set of priorities and circumstance which requires each governance model to be custom designed.  Our collabortive workshops and executive playbook provide the events and options to accelerate your efforts, but the goverance model you design will be a custom design built for success in your marketplace or mission.