What Executives are Saying About the CSCTA Program


“I just finished the first four day session of the Certified Supply Chain Transformation Architect course. This was an amazing learning experience.  Enjoyed being confronted with realistic situations through the case study and challenged to practice effective leadership with a team of experienced senior executives.  Liked the fact that we spent most of the time on our feet working in teams, not listening to lectures on tools. The course content is all “meat” and no fluff. The leadership effectiveness rules we discussed caused more than a few “eureka moments” when I was able to relate them to past experiences. I highly recommend this course for supply chain executives who are serious about performance improvement.  It provides solid value.” 

Stephen Cherlet – President FarStar Consulting, Former COO Velan, Inc.

“I have been involved with the SCOR reference model for over 20 years.  After taking this course, I am much more effective in integrating the strengths of SCOR with other leadership best practices, and collaboratively engaging organizations in successful deployment. This course is at the top of my list for executives and colleagues who are looking for ways to successfully deploy SCOR into their supply chains and build solid Centers of Excellence that optimize performance. If you are serious about taking your supply chain to the next level, this course is the road map to get you there!”

Monty Boyle, Supply Chain Executive, Consultant, APICS SCOR Instructor

“In my dozen years working in Executive Development, this course stands out as a first-class applied learning experience for supply chain leaders.  The unique holistic approach identifies and develops skills identified in recent MSU/APICS research sought by today’s supply chain leaders.  Overall, this engaging learning experience ties many diverse, complex and strategic topics together with tactical implementation processes in an easy-to-follow approach firms can adopt to address critical issues.”

Nick Little, Assistant Director, Executive Development Programs, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University

“Throughout my  career as a supply chain professional with APICS certifications and a Master Black Belt, I have led many complex supply chain projects and business-wide operational excellence deployments.  Along the way, I have often had to cobble together various methodologies, models and best practices in pursuit of a given outcome. The CSCTA course has better equipped me to engage leadership teams with an approach that gives them the outcomes they want without distracting them with the tools and jargon. The integrated best practices we learned to apply in the course is a well thought out and reliable way of achieving our business goals. What I liked most about this course is its focus on leadership skills, its high quality content and delivery, and my ability to apply it immediately with results.” 

Mike Kingzett, VP Supply Chain Transformation

“As a 20+ year Supply Chain Professional, I have been through countless Executive courses and supply chain management programs. All of that material and instruction operated in a vacuum without tying it to each other. Then I found the CSCTA. This 8 day course did what no others have done……tie Executive leadership, strategic planning, change management and supply chain management all into one in a language that top level executives can understand.. I highly recommend this course for Supply Chain Executives, and even more so for anybody that is leading an organization that needs to improve its supply chain for their business to survive or grow.”

Blake Mathies, SCOR-P, CSCP, CPIM, PMP, LSSGB - Vice President, Supply Chain