Accelerated Executive Development


Assured Leadership Development

 The CSCTA Program delivers capable leadership with an applied learning program that includes:

  1. Pre-Evaluation and Personal Learning Plan
  2. Applied Learning Sessions (Limit of 12 Executives Per Session)
  3. Comprehensive Examination
  4. Best Practice Application Interview

CSCTA Program Brochure

Advanced Applied Learning Curriculum

Read the testimonials for this program if you haven't already. This program was developed by supply chain executives to provide the ultimate learning event. No boring lectures. Most of the time is spent engaged in actual application of best practices, and provides the opportunity to hone your  leadership skills in  collaborative breakout sessions. The applied learning modules are purposely designed to deliver outcomes:


  • Role of the Transformation Architect
  • Build Consensus on Approach
  • Define and Priortize Supply Chains
  • Transitioning the Leadership Team
  • Governance of Performance
  • Supply Chain Discipline
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Planning and Execution
  • Customer and Supplier Collaboration
  • Collaborative Change Management
  • Command Center Design
  • Supply Chain Executive Reviews

Detailed Curriculum