2 Minute Executive Talks

Understand how integrating key best practices can deliver accelerated supply chain transformation.

Understand how the collaborative development approach is very different than traditional consulting.

Learn how business intelligence is really developed.

Understand how to respond to true business needs with a flexible approach that matches methods to desired outcomes.

Understand what it takes to provide  goverance for an end-to-end supply chain.

Understand how SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference Model) integrates with successful performance improvment.

Understand how to develop the perspectives and practices of the demand driven enterprise.

Understand the change management methods that deliver solutions that are understood, owned, and sustained by the enterprise.

Understand what true collaboration means and what it can deliver in the end-to-end supply chain.

Understand the the definition of individual supply chains and optimizing their architecture and performance as individual performance units.

Learn how integrating Lean Six Sigma with supply chain frameworks and governance more can effectiveliy drives performance improvement.

Understand how to establish leadership of Government Supply Chains and integrate goverance of performance with existing angecy structures.